Traffic starts, stops and detours. Project starts, stops and scope creep. Interruptions, realignments and reengaging is demoralizing. Why do I hate these so? How about you, how do you feel about the disturbances in life such as holidays, illness, repairs and questions?

How was your Memorial Day holiday? We drove across state to visit family. It was a great reunion of moms, dads, daughters, sons, cousins, in-laws and friends. It was hugs, cookies, stories, ice cream, songs, cake, games and salty snacks. Activities included cooking, hoops, washing dishes, napping, cooler totin’, wrestling, table settin’, toss, talking and hanging out.

I finished the weekend with a gain of 3 pounds and reaffirmed addictions to sugar, salt, soda (carbonated drinks), saturated fats and sedentary life. Let us not forget the tooth repair. Yes, my tooth broke while eating an onion ring. I was severely chided on aging.

This post-holiday weekend period has me a bit blue. I am begrudgingly getting back to the workout and healthy eating pattern which provides for some semblance to fitness.  Writing this first blob, I mean blog, in nearly a week has been laborious.  I am aligning my days back to order which yields some productivity from house work, homework and wholesome work. This requires ignoring that calling nap. I did take a nap yesterday and blamed it on anesthesia and regaining sensation from a partial extraction.

How do you get back to normal after distraction and intrusion?

Well, here is what I do. I hit reset or recalculate on my GPS. I have a pattern or plan of “normal” to begin with. Schedules, to do lists, project boards and such tools used on a regular basis provide stability to a routine. These tools are not unlike a map or GPS which allows for you to see your objectives on the path to your destination. Have you noticed that when you moving there is a continuous set of obstacles in your path? It doesn’t matter if you are driving, flying, sailing or walking the route is seldom straight or without some deviation.

You cannot walk from one room to another without averting walls, doors, things on the floor and sometimes a stumble or stubbed toe. Adjustment is part of the everyday though we often don’t think about it. You step over, go around or side step without conscious effort. In modern driving the GPS will systems will recalculate your path for you. In the old days people would just pull the map out and plot the new path.

Here is a simple test to prove you must alter to your path daily. Next time you want to go to the store, attempt the journey without turning the steering wheel. Stop. Don’t try this as someone or something will suffer. Try a safer test. Ride a bicycle without deviating course to the store. Stop. Hmm. This could also cause injury.

I hope this provides some clarity to the idea that we deviate often. We should recognize that we are constantly correcting course to reach our destination. A holiday is merely a larger diversion than the agitation of cleaning up a broken glass or changing a flat tire. It is road construction which may require a detour.

Beyond the plan should be a purpose. Why do you do what you do? I work out and control my diet to maintain a level of fitness. I write as it develops my abilities to think through issues, also it helps me learn to express concepts and ideas. In essence, I have a plan which supports what I see as an end zone, a purpose to my journey. Purpose is a fuel which drives the soul.

How do you get back on course to normal? Revisit or recalculate your GPS – Goals, Priorities and Schedules.

  • Have goals that support your purpose.
  • Be vigilant of progress toward your goals.
  • Correct deviations quickly.

Have you noticed that surfers and skateboarders seem to look for challenges and obstacles to overcome?

Now, set your destination in your GPS!

About sturner2

I am curious, not fearful or unafraid. I have delivered babies into this world. I have held the dying until their departure. Life, what is if for? What is it about? Do I know or don't I? Knowledge is elusive and never complete. The more I know, the more I know I don't know. My boss once asked me if I knew what I was doing. "No sir," was my reply, "but that has never stopped me before." This is one of those valuable lessons my mom taught me. Just because you don't know doesn't mean you shouldn't. I am willing. I am not always able. I have heard that "If it is worth doing, it is worth doing until you get it right." Here am I, send me. What is there about me that is different than all the rest? Possibly not all that much. I am a soul longing to do more, share more and know more. Born into a body in 1960, my parents raised me and continue to show me. My wife loves me. My children teach me. My friends stand by me. I share in this journey with many others. I am grateful. I have experienced more than 30 years as a husband, more than 30 years as a dad, and more than 30 years in the fire service. I continue to grow, feel and learn; and too, I diminish, numb, and forget. In honor or disgrace, blame or praise, I am prepared.
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4 Responses to GPS

  1. free penny press says:

    I have this internal compass..really I do.. after events which are out of my normal routine I visualize the compass re-centering itself.. sounds like you had a most wonderful Holiday!!

    all the things I enjoy!!:-)

  2. ceciliag says:

    And don’t you just LOVE those obstacles, the ones that keep us wide awake and able to adapt and realign and go on.. or else we would all go to sleep while we are still living and that would be just terrible. I love problems to solve. When i was running big productions, every time someone approached me with a disaster big or small, (and there was sometimes a line of people) whatever it was they told me, whatever problem they needed solving I always said Excellent, Good, I made myself say Excellent. Good. Well we need to think about this . Then big breath, and find the answer. Deep down i think we all love obstacles and challenges. I think maybe you do too.. c

    • sturner2 says:

      You are probably correct in saying, “Deep down…we all love obstacles and challenges.” There are many who would say NOT. We, you and I, just need to help others see life is a series of road blocks, some small and some NOT.

      Thank you for your comment.


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