Reach out…

My wife and I attended a wake for the husband of a friend two days ago. The death of a spouse, a father, a brother, and a friend happened suddenly. We really don’t know when, but it comes.

Yesterday I had lunch with a previous co-worker. We have not sat at a table together in over a year. It was fun. We were able to catch up on old times and new. Our conversation drifted to our kids. He has one in college and one in high school. We shared a bit on his job, a position I once held. Good things and sad have happened.

Breakfast this morning was with a fellow brother who is a bit depressed. He had contacted me day before yesterday saying things were just piling up. Based on our discussion this morning, they are. He talked, I listened. A slow time for his business, problems with his part-time job and he went home to no water last evening.

Meeting with friends is a good thing. The reflection was beneficial for me. I hope they received some value from our time together. The connection to people who have participated in this journey with me seems a natural thing. Why don’t we do this more often?

Let’s take a minute and write down the names of three people we haven’t spoken with for a while. Think back to the last time when we were with them. What was happening in their lives? What are the names of their family members? Who are common friends? What will they want to know about us? Why did we fall out of touch?

Pull out your schedule and find three thirty minute blocks from your week. Assign each of these half hours to one of the names you jotted down. (I suppose we could trade the names. Maybe not.) Call them. Chat and possibly set up a lunch date.

I have read a poem about the Reasons, Seasons and Lifetimes of the people we meet. The poem is about how folks join us for a short period along this trail through time. Some stay longer than others. They meet our needs and we meet theirs. There is joy, sorrow, tolerance, and relevance.

I have the privilege to share my life with my wife and sweetheart for more than 30 years. We have two sons and a daughter-in-law. My parents are living in different states; hers have gone on before us and she misses them greatly. We have siblings, cousins and friends. All are a blessing.

Memorial Day is this weekend. Her dad served in the Second Great War along with my grandpa. Father’s day is coming soon.

Who do you remember? Who might you call?

“Reach out and touch someone.”

About sturner2

I am curious, not fearful or unafraid. I have delivered babies into this world. I have held the dying until their departure. Life, what is if for? What is it about? Do I know or don't I? Knowledge is elusive and never complete. The more I know, the more I know I don't know. My boss once asked me if I knew what I was doing. "No sir," was my reply, "but that has never stopped me before." This is one of those valuable lessons my mom taught me. Just because you don't know doesn't mean you shouldn't. I am willing. I am not always able. I have heard that "If it is worth doing, it is worth doing until you get it right." Here am I, send me. What is there about me that is different than all the rest? Possibly not all that much. I am a soul longing to do more, share more and know more. Born into a body in 1960, my parents raised me and continue to show me. My wife loves me. My children teach me. My friends stand by me. I share in this journey with many others. I am grateful. I have experienced more than 30 years as a husband, more than 30 years as a dad, and more than 30 years in the fire service. I continue to grow, feel and learn; and too, I diminish, numb, and forget. In honor or disgrace, blame or praise, I am prepared.
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2 Responses to Reach out…

  1. Genie says:

    Communicating with our family and friends regularly does help release stress and reminds of us that we are not alone. Someone cares.

  2. free penny press says:

    I actually just got off the phone with my one daughter (I have 4 and 1 son) who lives in Houston.While I miss her dearly, we are also connected.. My parents have passed and other than my children and 2 brothers no more family.. Connections with all the above and my friends are vital to a healthy, happy existence.
    Wonderful thought provoking post..Looks like we both are truly blessed!!

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